cognition’s a bitch

February 24, 2009

My thoughts are like dogs
roaming free in the world,
sniffing this way and that
all day and all night.

city bound

February 24, 2009


deep inside civilization
big trucks roll by
little cars shake

photo by:Bill Emory


February 23, 2009

no amount
of insecticide
will help

infusion or mutation

January 22, 2009

shadows emerge
we take flight

we take flight

we forever
take flight

from one moment
to the next

we take flight

until –

we are willing
to die

to stand
our ground

not waver
nor blink

stand our ground

and be swatted.


January 1, 2009


“what is good for children
is good for mankind” –

quote source

photo source

Hub Bones

December 29, 2008

Freddie’s dead,
dead is.

Amen to this
in jazz
and life
who ground his horn
on the edge.

with nature

December 29, 2008

the more i am
with nature –
the less of me
i must kill

my buddy

December 22, 2008


after playing in snow
he comes home
a confection

On the Outside Looking In

December 21, 2008

You never look
at me.
I often look
at you.

You have
those things
I am told
bring happiness.

I have
those things
I am told
bring shame.

I look into
your restaurant –

you spend
my week’s wages
in a night

so elegant
so white

table cloths
and candles
fine wine
and waiters.

I could go on
and on,

but I have been ordered
to move along…