Pray for Peace

December 28, 2007

The dogs of war continue to rule this world. Your place and mine. Their opportunity is hostility and ignorance. Their game is manipulation. Terror is a tool – the fear of hell, ridicule, beating, bombing, jail, locusts,  the list goes on and on. Each place has its own special box of terror.

The marketing
will not rest
until every
inch of earth and sky
is covered
with corporate logos
like a NAS CAR:

This oak tree
is sponsored
by Viagra
Miller Lite
and Little Debbie

That cloud
by Marlboro
and STP

This stream
by Jim Beam…

Chocolate Coal Chips

May 16, 2006

The spoon is
a bulldozer –
the ice cream
West Virginia.

I scrape for chips
of chocolate.
No one seems able
to stop me.