God has no hands

December 10, 2007

God has no hands.
We are the ones
with the hands!


we are called to act in fellowship.

(it is a SIN to miss the ceremonies!)

we are asked to think beyond our selves –

(the only way to save your sorry ass is to OBEY!)

beyond sex and possessions beyond security and agenda.

(the most important thing is to avoid HELL!)

we are asked to dive in and swim upstream,

(keep your nose in the BOOK!)

living our lives to serve others …

the God Cage

November 7, 2007

We frame God
in a cage of words
like a monkey
begging for coins.

The night Joe left

October 2, 2007

Joe asks me
to stay,
to keep
the earthly vigil
into this night.
He speaks no words;
nor do his eyes
look upon me.
No one knows
except he
and I.

This dad cannot
take leave of his family
while lying helpless –
unable to whisper
“don’t worry”
unable to say

the others begin
to go home.

It will be better
this way.
I the sentry
who falls asleep,
He the spirit who sheds
this breaking body.
this sweet life…

Joe continues to stare
at a ceiling he does not see
while his inner core
prepares for

Across the hall
irritated alarms split
the midnight silence
as some poor soul
gets up to

tell him
he can go – it is okay
to go.

Sitting in the visitor’s chair
at three
I fall

he touches me.

I awaken.

He is gone.


August 13, 2007


so many years –
I was thinking all along
we were made to last

artist: Bruce Wood

the man on the square

August 6, 2007

he thrusts his hands
into an unseen box

turning this – grabbing that
he pulls out demons

Boys bet dollars at the wheel –
detached from any holy values.
Greed and thrill keep their interest
as calculated.

The public address blares
a Michael Jackson crotch clutching song.
It can be heard inside the empty church.

Grandmothers swill down halushki with butter.
Young girls strut about with killer legs,
blowing off the uncool.

pro-death penalty


poor God –

always an excuse
for war,

always an excuse
for wealth.


As-Salamu Alaykum

May 10, 2007

the holiest place
is a handshake