Peace on Earth



Festive note: Please also see A Christmas Message FROM President Bush





Festive note: Please also see A Christmas Message TO President Bush



December 18, 2006

it is easier
to be told the truth
than to be part of it

joy us

December 16, 2006

Joy to this tiny world
and joy to its believers,
however so brief

Peace on this day
to all the anxious creatures
who live in dying places

Greetings to the lonely
adrift in holiday bustle –
strangers might look your way

Comfort to we sheep –
riders of a rail-car existence
displaying love through plastic-giving

Pity to the poor,
brighten our suburban experience –
accept canned goods and toys
(then disappear)

Good luck to the Lord
in the manger ignored
like an old man on Christmas Day

so long suit

December 15, 2006


Goodbye pompous officious arrogant dismissive in-thinking betrayer – responsible for the biggest debacle in the history of  U.S. military strategy. Good riddance to a corporate ghoul who showed more regard for Halliburton than his troops.

Should have stopped with Afghanistan and done the job right.




December 14, 2006

what do you get when
everyone becomes


this is the fun we teach:

December 12, 2006



see: article

perhaps 7

December 12, 2006


at certain levels of being
video game killing
is still murder 


leave me alone on Christmas

December 8, 2006

Like in those glass-sided beehives,
the poor and dying press
against the window of my mind.

I cover the glass with candy canes
and santas.



the Delight

December 6, 2006



in a place
which is not really
a space but
a time

and in that time
which is not really
a time but
a moment

and in that moment
which never

lives delight