the God Cage

November 7, 2007

We frame God
in a cage of words
like a monkey
begging for coins.

EWTN watch

November 5, 2007

Heard on Nov. 3, 2007:

“Only Christ can unite a very sick and sinful human race.”

(Oh, by the way, speaking of sick and sinful – look at the cost of this merchandise at their website)


You do no service to the past
by obsessing on it –
by wailing and crying forever…

To define everything by “then”
robs the past of its redemption.


we are called to act in fellowship.

(it is a SIN to miss the ceremonies!)

we are asked to think beyond our selves –

(the only way to save your sorry ass is to OBEY!)

beyond sex and possessions beyond security and agenda.

(the most important thing is to avoid HELL!)

we are asked to dive in and swim upstream,

(keep your nose in the BOOK!)

living our lives to serve others …

Lucky You!

May 3, 2007



good looking kids
private schools

nice teeth
expensive toys

dog camp
golf camp
(no boot camp)

lawn service
pool service
security service

country club

do lunch a lot

Lucky you!

you deserve

more than
others deserve
to eat.

You believe in
no forgiveness

no redemption
no hope

no Allah

no God.

You have been


January 1, 2007

I can only tell you
what to think

not what I think.

I only know
what I am told

not how to know.

If you want to love Jesus

December 22, 2006

He looks like this:

street beggar.jpgstreetgirl.jpghomeless.jpgstarvingbaby150.jpg

Not this:

jesus-pastor.jpgjesus 6.jpgjesus 5.jpgjesus4.jpgjesus2.jpg

beggars wear the rags
holy men wear fine robes –
money well spent


Peace on Earth



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