Pray for Peace

December 28, 2007

The dogs of war continue to rule this world. Your place and mine. Their opportunity is hostility and ignorance. Their game is manipulation. Terror is a tool – the fear of hell, ridicule, beating, bombing, jail, locusts,  the list goes on and on. Each place has its own special box of terror.

no hard feelings

December 7, 2007

Saw a man jogging…
he looked like dad.

I tried not to wish
it was him.

I tried.

the Bush Lecture Tour:

November 28, 2007


How Not to Lead

Mismanagement 101

Ignoring Historical Wisdom

Facilitating Theocracy

Turning Challenges into Nightmares

Pubelic Specking

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June 6, 2007

anxious images
over and over again …


atop wooden consoles
we pulled in whatever
was out there

footage of tanks
in hopeless mud
cannons flashing
through the night

our rugged life,
at the television
we would stare

zeros twisting
down in flames
der fuhrer pounding
with indignant might

in truculent german
to adoring masses
who would cheer

as he screamed
we versus them
follow the dream
the deutsches reich

I would wonder
what is he saying?
why is he so angry?

why are people
goose stepping
haling heiling

singing crying
like fools

(just as a non
anglophone might think
when first hearing Limbaugh)

viscious cycle

May 8, 2007

the more insult I perceive
the more dangerous
I become

the more dangerous I become
the more insult
I perceive


You do no service to the past
by obsessing on it –
by wailing and crying forever…

To define everything by “then”
robs the past of its redemption.


peaceful heart
peaceful mind

and smile
a loving mantra


holding on, letting go

April 4, 2007

when my anger changes
everything changes

You believe in
no forgiveness

no redemption
no hope

no Allah

no God.

You have been